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    It is very difficult to separate the truth from myth in the world of muscle building and fitness. And since everyone must have an opinion, the facts get distorted because of the rumors and misinformation purported by so called “experts”! We will be studying some of these myths below and setting them right. First you will be presented with the myth and then the truth to dispel that myth. If you know of any supplements related myth that isn’t featured here, let us know. We also encourage you to research the facts for yourself. Often, supplements are set out as dangerous and unhealthy, nothing could be farther from the truth!

    Myth 1: All Supplements Have Steroids
    Supplements are NOT synonymous with steroids!

    If this were the case then many of the worlds acclaimed builders, lifters and players would fire their nutritional advisers! In fact, supplements keep you healthy and increase your endurance. IF you are concerned about their quality then you can always buy FDA approved products that are available internationally. But buying them in India can be tricky because you never know what makes it to the market out of the government loopholes. One straight forward solution is to buy from us; we carry only the original products from trusted manufacturers.

    The Indian urban lifestyle is stressful to say the least; pair it up with irregular food habits and you have potential for a pretty inconsistent lifestyle at your hands. Supplements act as a support system in such cases.  So no, only the badly manufactured supplements are loaded up with steroids. Keep your eyes open when buying diet and health supplements for you or your family to keep away from steroids.

    Myth 2: It Is Not Safe To Have Regular Supplement
    Regular doses of authentic supplements help you in staying healthy and fit!

    Gone are the days of big, healthy breakfasts and family dinners; life in the fast lane doesn’t allow us these little joys. And instead we get to skip the breakfast altogether and get fast food when it’s time to eat. Supplements help us fill up the nutritional gaps (and there are HUGE gaps). Ask a doctor or nutritionist and you will find out that it is unsafe to NOT have regular supplements. We suggest adding Protein supplements to your diet. Protein is the building blocks of muscles and without it your body lacks a critical component needed to even exist.

    Myth 3: Supplements Are Only For Losers
    The truth is that “winners” all over the world depend on supplements.

    The reality is that supplements are a way of fulfilling the body’s requirements of macro and micronutrients. There aren’t many body builders or athletes who’d be able to do what they do without supplements. But since we do not exercise and work out like they do, we may not need as much protein supplements as they use, but still, everyday functioning at optimum levels requires supplement intake for everyone. It becomes even more important for vegetarians to use supplements because they only have milk and its derivatives to depend upon for their protein intake.

    If your goal is to get fitter and healthier, then choosing the right kind of supplements is imperative for you.

    Myth 4: Doctors Don’t Advice for Supplements So They Are Harmful
    Doctors never advice against supplements; even pregnant women are prescribed supplements to make up for any deficiencies in their bodies.

    But doctors do suggest against supplements that contain hormone boosters as they are harmful. If you are worried about a certain supplement that you might be taking, it’s best to go to an authorized nutritional expert as they are the authority on health supplements. You can also visit a sports nutritionist for expert guidance.

    Myth 5: You’ll Get Fat If You Stop Using Supplements
    No, you will not grow fat if you discontinue supplements. There are a lot of other factors at play here and blaming supplements isn’t the solution. People usually stop taking supplements the same time they stop exercising and eating healthy, and herein lies the problem. If you stay consistent with a strict diet and exercise routine, you will be just fine. But if you go back to the bad habits that got you in this mess in the first place, the weight is bound to come back.

    Myth 6: Supplements Are Addictive
    Supplements are a nutritional beneficiary, that’s it! They are not drug-like in any way or form and you will not get addicted to them.

    It is proven by research that supplements don’t carry any long-term side effects. You can stop taking them and there won’t be any negative effects at all. But the question remains, why would you stop taking supplements at all?

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