• Your first step to lose fat and get six packs



    “Wow what a wonderful and toned body. I wish mine was also……”

    Do not keep the sentence unfinished. Do not be afraid to dream for getting a six pack just like those screen-heroes or the models. Do you really want to get a wonderful physique and live your dream? Keep your dream alive and act on it NOW!

    First you need to realize that you are striving for a goal and you will be patient and committed to achieve it. For most fitness bug is just a phase and very soon they give up. So the foremost important rule is to believe in yourself and put your dedication in it. In reality this is a challenging task and it requires your time. But it is not impossible. So don’t get disheartened.

    Secondly you need to understand that getting six packs is not a single target. It starts with getting a healthy and fit body first. The muscles come later. So the first priority is to lose the extra fats. There are many ways to lose fat but always stick to the basic rules so that you do not get weak. The best mantras of losing weight are don’t skip breakfast, drink more and more water and eat smaller dinner. Switch to whole grains from refined ones as it fastens your fat melting process and the circulation of glucose and insulin remain stable. Include a balanced proportion of fiber, leafy vegetables, protein and mineral in you every diet. Avoid alcohol, junk foods and colas.

    Next step is to strengthen the lose fats to get six pack abs. Regular exercise is the key for your six pack abs. To start the day right, enjoy jogging every morning. Tell me if you love to dance, it’s the best form of cardio-vascular exercise. Tap your feet to the favourite music every day. Slowly but steadily start few more exercises like sit-ups, crunches and leg-lifting to tone your abs. Never forget to warm up before working out. As your stamina increases increase your exercise and you will see the results coming. Now go ahead and flaunt your abs.

    One thing to note that apart from this schedule a regular visit to gym will accelerate the process and you will also be benefitted from the experience of the experts. So always consult an expert who can access your requirements and can suggest you the right set of exercise to get your dream abs.


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