• Benefits of Protein in Body Building



    Watching some of our favorite celebrities going shirtless on TV evokes envy and passion in most of us to flaunt those perfect six pack abs.

    However, it is important to understand that the key to a smart and fit physique is keeping your body healthy and energized. Working out and training your muscles just does only half the task; nutrition and diet planning is actually the real deal when it comes to firm and strong muscles of your desired cut and shape.

    The importance of protein cannot be ignored when it comes to muscle building and gaining energy and stamina. Natural sources of proteins include lean meat, milk, dairy products and poultry. However, with the extensive training and workout involved in body building, these natural resources can fall short of providing your body with the required amount of protein that it needs. At this point come in health supplements. The debate of whether or not these supplement work rages on, however when it comes to protein supplements, most weight trainers swear upon its efficacy and benefits.

    Protein contains essential amino acids that build tissues and muscles from within and encourage their healthy growth overtime. Hence having a regular supply of protein is necessary while you are working out so that the damage encountered during exercise is reduced and the muscle structure gets replenished. Whey protein is the most acclaimed and trusted protein supplement ideal for use while working out. Derived as a by product of cow milk cheese, it is a natural yet powerful supplement that encourages growth of firm muscles. Whey protein is easily digestible and available in powdered form, and can be consumed post work out as an energy shake to readily elevate the level of amino acids in the body. It is also marketed in various enticing flavors to enhance its taste and make it appealing to the taste buds. A more refined form of whey protein is whey isolate, which is lower on fat and carbohydrate content as compared to the traditional whey protein shake. This high quality product can be selected with no fear of side effects, if you are looking for a natural supplement for quick muscle building. Another twist on the traditional whey protein is whey hydrolysate, which is a little hefty on the pocket but lower on lactose and fat and much easier and quicker to be digested in the body.

    Whey proteins are best to be consumed early in the morning or post work out sessions when the muscles are stressed out. However, there are some slow digesting protein supplements also available, that can be taken before sleeping or resting to ensure uniform supply of amino acids to the body throughout the day. Casein is a prime example of such category.

    These supplements, when combined with a healthy and nutritious diet and work out regime, can give wondrous results. In the end it’s your choice that what supplement you choose for yourself, but these guidelines can make your hunt for the best product easier and effective!

    Hence eat healthy and stay healthy to look fit and smart!

    • Akshay

      Great article DMuscle!

    • http://www.facebook.com/gagan.preet.393 Gagan Preet

      Lakshay, Start With Gold Standard 100% Whey + Optimen (Vitamin)..U will see the change in couple of weeks…but don’t forget to eat right and workout atleast 4 days in a week :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/lakshayjs Lakshay JS

      plz will any one help me

    • http://www.facebook.com/lakshayjs Lakshay JS

      guys i m doing gym for 4 months but i did nt get any chnge in mmy body will any one plz give me a diet chart or there is any ways to get a good look body

      • http://www.facebook.com/yugdahiya Yogesh Dahiya

        Beginner’s Supplement Guide: 5 Supplements You Need Now!

        Elite Whey Protein Isolate – (1)
        Fish Oil Softgels – (2)
        AMINOx – (3)
        Glutamine 1000 Caps – (4)
        CON-CERT creatine – (5)

        They really Work…..

      • Sunny

        Lakshay, try adding more meat into your diet and if you want to get big, the only way is to add more calories…there is no other rule, however you must add whey protein/isolate in your diet to add protein for your muscle repair and growth. Try with only good quality protein…would not recommend adding any other supplement at such an early stage. You would notice difference by doing so…and once you start working heavy you need more supplements.

    • Jasmeet

      Great Article….

    • http://www.facebook.com/varsha.vaid.10 Bobby Walia

      Awesome article, must read for everyone!

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